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Jutal Announced New Contract

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Jutal announced today that Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Industries Company Limited* (蓬萊巨濤海洋工程重工有限公司) (“Penglai Jutal”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, has recently been awarded a large-scale construction contract (the “Contract”) from TECHNIP France S.A., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the famous European global EPC contractor Technip FMC. Pursuant to the Contract, Penglai Jutal will provide core compression and power generation modules,  which will be the largest currently found in the industry, for the first two trains of Arctic LNG 2 project, a major liquefied natural gas project in the Arctic region, with a contract amount over RMB3 billion (equivalent to approximately HK$3.42 billion).

As at the date of the announcement, the total contract amount of the Group in hands is nearly reached RMB6 billion (equivalent to approximately HK$6.84 billion).